Our Platform


OncoMed Research Platform

Leveraging a robust and productive scientific platform, we have built a portfolio of active therapeutic compounds that target biologic pathways critical for the growth, resistance, recurrence, and metastasis of cancer.

Our expertise in isolating and monitoring tumor and immune cells using specific surface markers and flow cytometry enables our scientists to evaluate the importance of specific targets implicated in cancer. Antibodies directed against cancer targets have been developed and tested within proprietary xenograft models derived from minimally passaged human cancers. We believe these patient-derived models are more representative of the clinical features of human tumors than the cell line-based models used in traditional cancer research.

Our models also offer the ability to test the effects of therapeutic candidates on human tumors with varied genetic backgrounds, which in turn facilitates the identification of predictive biomarkers. As our work in cancer immunotherapy has increased, we have expanded the types of xenograft models we deploy to include syngeneic mouse models and models using mice with humanized immune systems so that we can better understand the potential range of immune system responses to our therapeutic interventions.

Our platform also includes multiple antibody discovery technologies, a comprehensive biomarker and translational medicine effort, and proven process development and antibody cell line development expertise.