Our Platform

OncoMed leverages in-house discovery research, multiple antibody discovery technologies, a comprehensive biomarker and translational medicine effort, and proven process development and antibody cell line development expertise.
We utilize proprietary technologies to create novel biologics uniquely tailored to achieve specific therapeutic strategies. Among these technologies is a bispecific antibody technology, exemplified by our navicixizumab program, a potent inhibitor of both VEGF and DLL4.

Another key platform is our TNF trimer Platform. This technology enables the development of robust fully human agonists of the TNF receptor family of ligands. This technology underlies our GITRL-Fc program, OMP-336B11, and is being leveraged to create additional novel therapeutics that leverage the fundamental immune functions controlled by various members of the TNF superfamily.

Bispecific Antibodies

Bispecific Antibodies

OncoMed’s technology enables the production of bispecific antibodies containing two distinct heavy chains. Each heavy chain can bind to a distinct target antigen.


Single-gene TNF family Trimers

Single-gene TNF family Trimers336B11 GITRL-Fc

The TNF family of ligands function as trimeric cytokines. OncoMed's technology leverages the recognition that the N and C terminus of TNF family monomers are in close proximity within the trimeric cytokine, and can be tethered without use of linker sequence to create fully human single-gene trimers that are amenable to use in recombinant therapeutic design.